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Unlock the power of audio.

eMags Studios transforms premium magazine content into professional audio recordings, ready to be distributed to magazine subscribers, paywall subscribers and tap into new revenue streams from audio networks and platforms.

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  • Audio elevates paywall and magazine subscription products supporting customer acquisition and retention.

  • Audio quadruples time on site and in-book which helps sell more advertising.

  • Audio enhances the story telling of your magazine content.

How Can Audio Improve Engagement?

Audio Sample
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  • Sound Mixing

  • Sweetening

  • Editing

  • Intro & Outro Music

  • Licensing

eMags Studios Provides:

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eMagazines is a design-forward technology and retail platform that enables distribution and discovery of premium print magazine content.


Our thoughtful, seamless mobile platforms are proven to help magazines retain subscribers and grow revenue. Our four properties include:


About eMagazines

We partner with the top magazine publishers in the U.S. to schedule voice over actors and production resources.

  • eMags has the content and relationship with the publisher to obtain rights.

  • eMags provides our actors with a single column article view to read in the story. More efficient than reading from a physical or digital replica of the magazine. Saves time and money.

  • eMags has a turn-key studio to deliver quickly.

About eMags Studios


The process is simple, you choose:

  • Female or male speaker, with or without accent

  • Which article and content is read

  • Intro and outro music (optional)

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Male Voice
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eMags Studios can also coordinate with your writers and editors to read articles with our production team. We will mix and edit the audio and make sure it meets the high-quality that you expect for your content.

Add Premium Audio For Less With eMags Studios

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